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On the 26th April 1986, Chernobyl, exploded, producing power to 100 times its normal production. It took only 1 hour 26 mintues and 44 seconds for the reactor number 4 to wrapped. Russian scientists tried to stop the flow of magma which penetrate to the earth contaminating the water which supplies Kiev – in a … Continue reading

Guys, we have been to many places across the globe. Which country you like most during your travel, why, and what are the things you think you would like to adopt to your own country(motherland) and why?

1. Things that you like that in that country : in terms of its society, people, communication wise, hospitality. or in terms of infrastructure, facilities. or beautiful tourist places. 2. Things that you think can be adopted to your country : in terms of society system. or education system. or transportation system. or highway system. … Continue reading

Spam in Facebook. Worm accumulates a million clicks!

Yet another spam in Facebook. Already nearly one million german facebook users are in the past days fell into a worm, which itself dispersed in the network. Spam Alarm by Facebook. One rapidly dispersed worm in facebook which connected by clicking the link which says ” Wow, now you can see who view your profile” … Continue reading

Brittany’s Booktown

“There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away,” wrote Emily Dickinson. When the reclusive 19th-century American poet wanted to navigate distant shores in search of soul-satisfying adventure, she headed for the family library. For those who share her love of books and far-away places, real treasure awaits on a hilltop in … Continue reading

Thousand protest in Germany over Nuclear utilisation and current situation in Libya and Afghanistan.

More than thousands of people march in a protest in big cities in Germany. They are protesting about the Nuclear Power utilisation and Nato’s insertion in Libya. And also protest to end the conflict in Afghanistan. In Frankfurt, they chant the slogan of “over war, there is no way to freedom”. They are also demanding … Continue reading

FlatPak Home.

Intelligent, appealing, and affordable, Charlie Lazor’s user-friendly FlatPak just might be the project that revolutionizes the prefab industry. See if this story doesn’t sound familiar. You’ve grown tired of landlords, upstairs neighbors fond of vacuuming in the middle of the night, and throwing your money away on rent. You start perusing the weekend open-home listings … Continue reading

Eine Schule ganz oben.

Eine Schule ganz oben. A school in Germany to get best school award.

A new mosquitoe propagates malaria.

A new population of mosquitoe having being a potential vector of malaria, have been identified in Burkina Faso. The insect belong to the species of Anopheles Gambiae, in which they know that they can transmit to human, the parasite which causes the malaria, Plasmodium Falciparum. But this new population has however, a particular behavior. Contrary … Continue reading