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On the 26th April 1986, Chernobyl, exploded, producing power to 100 times its normal production. It took only 1 hour 26 mintues and 44 seconds for the reactor number 4 to wrapped. Russian scientists tried to stop the flow of magma which penetrate to the earth contaminating the water which supplies Kiev – in a condition called “Chinese syndrome” – “Syndrome Chinois”.

Nuclear Reactor of Chernobyl - pic by Science et vie

Catastrophe Chernobyl

On March 2011, Fukushima Nuclear Reactor blown due to earthquake and tsunami that hit the region.  Up till now, they are still struggling to manage the intense radiation which increases by day.

Tepco - We Are Sorry

Tepco – company managing the nuclear reactor in Fukushima Japan, said their sorry for what they said to be their mistake in managing the reactor, and lack of safety proceduresin their part. They want to pay for the damages caused and will cover the cost to contain the radiation from the reactor till 2013. Which in total will be approximately 190 billion euro. Reported by Science et Vie.


In may 14th, according to Le Post, the French authority culculated an estimated value of 200 billion euros to spend if they are going to put off their nuclear power plant programme.


Germany, 30th June 2011, announced that they will stop all of their nuclear reactor by this year and leave 3 reactors which will be expired by 2022. Germany will have to rely on other power source. For years the germans have been protesting on their government’s nuclear programme, with tens of thousands march in the streets of Berlin and other major cities.


After the tragedy happen in Fukushima, the germans are concern about the safety of their nuclear power plant, which produces energy to accommodate 23% of their energy source.


Why Germany stops their nuclear plant programme?


After years of protest from the germans, the bundes-government finally decided to stop using nuclear as energy source. From report of Seuddeutsch news, 26 March 2011, 250,000 germans gathered in Berlin, protesting nuclear programme. And tens of thousand more in big cities in Germany.

Anti Nuclear Demonstration in Germany

Anti Nuclear Protest in Germany

After the tragedy in Fukushima, the bundes-government, under Angela Merkel, investigates their nuclear power plant, 7 of their old ones, under the ReactorSafety Commision.


The nuclear reactor safety commission had done several tests on the nuclear reactors in Germany which results in their suspension from operation in March. This is due to the results came out , shows unsatisfactory level of safety procedures concerning major reactors. This includes 7 reactors out of 17 total reactors in Germany being suspended from usage.


Different results by Greenpeace.


However, the greenpeace organization have their own method of assessment and evaluation, stating that those described by the world nuclear commsion are unreliable due to their weak in explaination, numerical, text and structure. The greenpeace organization have their own 3 methods of assessing the nuclear reactor. And they found out that, most of the nuclear reactors lack safety procedures based on 3 level of gradings.


Due to the results given, the Bundes government, announced today that the country will stop all nuclear power utilization, with only 3 reactors left to be utilize until 2022.


Currently, bundes-government, are putting effort finding other sources of energy. Those currently being discussed is solar energy, and windenergy, and other alternative energies. In Germany, they have their own research into alternative energy.


Solar In Germany

France :


The situation, they have 58 reactors. To stop each, at the expense of 13 billion euro. To stop all, a total amount of 200 billion euro to spend. A place to manage waste material of nuclear power plant, cost round 35 billion euro.


And on 5th June 2011, 77% French in France, would want their government to stop their nuclear plant.


Our situation in Malaysia.


Malaysian government has put their interest on building nuclear power plant. Given the facts above, will Malaysia pursue with their plan? Are malaysians ready to face such challenges that those big nuclear countries have faced? Will the company in Malaysia be responsible and reliable to take the challenge?



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  1. looking out the issue of collapse stadium in kuala terengganu , the series of collapse ceilings in palace of justice & kuala lumpur high court ..malaysia still not capable to build this nuclear plant. or maybe they would like to produce Mutant X that will be another story then.

    Posted by hamidah | June 6, 2011, 1:13 pm

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