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Spam in Facebook. Worm accumulates a million clicks!

Yet another spam in Facebook. Already nearly one million german facebook users are in the past days fell into a worm, which itself dispersed in the network.

Spam Alarm by Facebook.

One rapidly dispersed worm in facebook which connected by clicking the link which says ” Wow, now you can see who view your profile” or “Show you who see your profile” or “My profile top stalker“.

This was revealed by Prof. Norbert Pohlmann, the head of Institute for internet security in Polytechnic of Gelsenkirchen in Germany.

With just a click the worm will be forwarded to all Facebook friends of the user. However, the virus will not affect your computer said Pohlmann.

It is easy to remove the worm, just delete the post that appeared in personal wall or in news wall. But it is not clear what these people will do with information they get from our facebook.

Full news and pictures and further comments on facebook problems, in german by Seuddeutsch.de

Currently there a few blog sites which discusses on how to avoid spams, viruses and worms on facebook. They also have sites which devotes to problem solving when a facebook profile being infected by virus.

Click Here to go to blog site spam discussion

Also they are in Facebook : Fakepostings @ Facebook



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