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Brittany’s Booktown

“There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away,” wrote Emily Dickinson. When the reclusive 19th-century American poet wanted to navigate distant shores in search of soul-satisfying adventure, she headed for the family library. For those who share her love of books and far-away places, real treasure awaits on a hilltop in northeastern Brittany, in the département of Ille-et-Vilaine.

At first sight, Bécherel resembles other one-boulangerie towns on the winding road from the regional capital of Rennes to the tide-splashed ramparts of St. Malo. But as you pick your way down the cobblestoned alley into the ancien centre, you detect a difference. Inside the block-long shop on the left, a conga line of bulging bookshelves weaves through a suite of rooms. Up ahead, a young couple has settled in at a table on the square. They’re not chatting or smooching; they’re reading. In fact, this medieval nobleman’s domain, famous in the 17th and 18th centuries for its fine linen, is filled with books.

The above is an excerpt from an article I read in France Today site. It’s about a fascinating town called Bécherel, located somewhere in Brittany in France. I’ve been to brittany, but i haven’t been to this place yet. It is also located near Rennes. I’ve been to Rennes, there’s a football team there.

Brittany is a very unique part of France. If you go to France, make sure you have some time in Brittany. Brittany in history used to be a place where britains army settled. Then it unites with France(through a series of historic changes) to become Brittany today.

Somewhere near here is St. Malo. One of famous tourist places.

St Malo

According to the article, Bécherel, is known as a city of books. Where there are a lot of bookshops in their streets. And they also organise a lot of book fairs, which also sells second hand books.

bookstore in bécherel

bookstore in bécherel

In area of France, you can go to a lot of these events such as “Brocante” which usually an event where French sells their old stuffs, antiquities, like a car-boot sale. Here too, you can find good old french books. And you can get them at 50 cents euro to 1euro each. Really cool!

To go to these places(brocante especially) you need to track them. And one way to do it by searching through the internet, where they will put their schedule, address and all the informations you need, including the size of the brocante.

In the picture below is a sample of brocante in Quiberon, a place located around 5 hours to 6 hours by car from Paris. Quiberon is nearly an island by itself, because it is only connected to main land by a very thin route, where cars can pass. Quiberon is very beautiful place. And very unique like any other small towns in France.

Brocante poster

Brocante in Quiberon

Through my experience in France, I can tell that French people reads a lot. Reading is part of their culture. When I take a visit to some of our French friends in France, they have at least a shelf of les livres de Post(books from one of famous book publisher in France).

I hope reading will be a great part of our life and continue to nurture our intelligence.

You can read the rest of the article through here :
Brittany’s Booktown – France Today



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