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Thousand protest in Germany over Nuclear utilisation and current situation in Libya and Afghanistan.

Protest crowd today in 2011

Protest crowd in 1960.

More than thousands of people march in a protest in big cities in Germany. They are protesting about the Nuclear Power utilisation and Nato’s insertion in Libya. And also protest to end the conflict in Afghanistan.

In Frankfurt, they chant the slogan of “over war, there is no way to freedom”. They are also demanding the stop of war in Iraq and Afghanistan through nuclear phase-out and cease-fire.

In Koln, the crowd march with slogan of ” abolish nuclear weapon and disable nuclear plant.

Protest in Berlin over war and nuclear power 2011.

In the streets of Berlin, there are around 4000 people, marching in protest on nuclear power and war. (picture above)

Read more on tagesschau.de

The above news was translated into english from the site tagesschau.de.



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