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A new mosquitoe propagates malaria.

A new population of mosquitoe having being a potential vector of malaria, have been identified in Burkina Faso.

The insect belong to the species of Anopheles Gambiae, in which they know that they can transmit to human, the parasite which causes the malaria, Plasmodium Falciparum.

But this new population has however, a particular behavior.

Contrary to all being identified till now, the mosquitoe live principally, in the exterior of habitations.

To find them, a unique search team of French, American and Burkinabes, lead by Kenneth Vernick of the Institut Pasteur, have collected samples of larvae of the mosquitoe in stagnant water in a zone of 400km long.

In comparing the larvae, the team had distinguished 3 populations of different A. Gambiae.

Then, two of them are not recognised till now. The scientists, gave this new population of A. Gambiae according to the name of the village burkinabe : Goundry.

The mosquitoes are reveiled to be particularly sensitive to the infection by P. falciparum. If it is confirmed that they nourish from human blood, they can explain then, the failure of the present time strategies of the struggle to counter malaria, which is centered by the protection to counter the mosquitoes in the interior of the habitations.

Translated from Magazine : Science et Vie April 2011.



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